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    Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
    3:50 pm
    Wet Saturday
    It's another wet, rainy day and fairly chilly, to boot. Thursday was rainy and I made fresh buttermilk wheat bread with sunflower seeds and vegetable soup. Today I made a huge two pound loaf of egg bread and chicken salad. What a great day to have a steaming bowl of veggie soup and a chicken salad sammie on homemade bread. Yuummmm!

    Nothing else much going on here at home. The cats had a fight this morning but Pig (my dog Piglet) put a stop to that.

    My brother-in-law is going to need either a lung transplant or to have 30% of his lung removed. He has emphysema pretty badly, asthma, pneumonia, and some kind of microbes. If the removal surgery is successful he should improve greatly.

    Well, nothing much else to tell. I'm off to read more of Rakina's "The Marked Man". It is a very good story combining fighting LV and finding the horcruxes with a required bonding of SS-HP, that is not forced but is reluctantly agreed to, in order to gain the combined power to vanquish LV. Very good so far. Bye for now.........:D CB

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    Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
    11:57 pm
    Nothing Much
    Well, I guess I should put something in my journal. I just don't think about doing it too often. Anyway, I just found the final chapter to Eriador117's new fic Silver and Gold. Yeah! So now I have a new, long fic to read this weekend, plus a sequel to look forward to : Blood and Gold.

    Possibly seeing an end in sight to lots of RL crap so keeping fingers crossed.

    Nothing much else to say right now - I'm really "pants" at this journal thing. But I love the stories it gets for me.

    Regards to you all - CB
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